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How to learn anything

Skill is learnable. Talent is the rate at which you learn skills. If you want to learn a skill, Use the rule of 7.

A $1.7 Million One-man Business

Justin is a master of content and audience building. He's also a master of efficiency as he manages a $1.7 million dollar empire - by himself.

Wander far. Be Happy.

Research has shown that the further you roam, the happier you will be. Here's your excuse to go far.

A 4-Step Plan to Make an extra $50k

“Start now” was the advice Burk got back in 2020 when he contemplated content creation – so he did and made $20k in the first two years. Here's his plan to make an extra $50k (on the side) in 2023

The Best Birthday Speech. Ever.

Nate has accomplished a lot in his first 27 years. College baseball player, works his dream job, drives his dream car, and married the love of his life. He's grateful for it all, but he wants more. Nate recently launched his second brand and shared one of the best birthday speeches ever.

How to Live to 122

Jeanne Calmet is the oldest living person on record, living until 122. A longevity expert breaks down 3 reasons why she was able to live so long.