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How it started

Hey, Christian here 👋

I am a creator and somewhat of an information junkie. I love reading and sharing good content: self-help, growth hacks, helpful gems, and inspiring stories.

I also have a weakness for the "subscribe" button. 

My inbox is filled with emails I'll never read.  Not due to a lack of interest, but rather because I know I'll never make it to the bottom of the message (I'm busy!). 

One day I noticed that I tend to open emails that are short and delivered on a consistent schedule. 

I have always wanted to create a brand that connected with fellow creators on a more consistent and intimate basis than social media. 

So I launched 8AM in February 2023 as a very simple email that delivered just one article or story that I found inspiring or helpful. I provide just enough text to spark interest (to continue reading) – or if not you can simply move on with your day. 



How it's going

I initially thought a few friends might find my daily email worthy of a spot in their inbox.

And then those friends shared it. And their friends shared it...

By the 100th issue, 8AM had gained 12,453 new friends (some call them subscribers). 

Today, 8AM is read by thousands of creators and entrepreneurs each day. We have become a platform to share some incredible stories and feature the work of hundreds of creators - one quick gem at a time. Its a win-win-win.

Every day I receive new messages and testimonials from our readers about how we've inspired them to do great things – or shared advice to advance their careers.

This truly makes my day.

If you would like to share your content, click here to submit it for review. We love sharing great stories or helpful gems.

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If you have any feedback, simply hit reply to any issue. We read and reply to every message. 


Christian Collard, Publisher of 8AM

What 8AM'er are saying...

We truly have the best friends xoxo